Our Mission:

“. . .Provide Opportunities Through Education to Reunite Families. . .”

Golden Sierra Life Skills provides educational services for individuals who are searching for the skills to solve the problems that are preventing them, or their families, from having a healthy and productive life.

Our services start by asking the questions: “Who Are You? Why Are You Here? How Can We Help?”.

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Male Program: WHY?

Video explaining the importance of the Male Program and Why.

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1509 Grass Valley Hwy. Suite C Auburn, CA 95603

Phone: (530) 887-9245

Fax: (530) 887-1379

Consultant Services

  • Male Involvement Specialist
  • Program Development
  • Trainer of Facilitators
  • Motivational Speaker

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Program Services

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Golden Sierra Life Skills Focused on Fathers

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Golden Sierra Life Skills is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation.

It was officially incorporated in California in 2003 and is formally registered as a cooperative organization with the California State Attorney General.